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Flights of Foundry 2023

Interdisciplinary | Virtual | Global | April 14-16


The world’s most accessible, interdisciplinary convention for speculative creators is coming back for its fourth year and it’s better than ever! This year we’re featuring more medium-agnostic programming from subject matter experts, more workshops, and more panels building on conversations begun in prior years. With attendees from all over the world and a schedule that runs around the clock, this is a year you won’t want to miss.

Guests of Honor

Banner with text: "Art: Solomon Enos". Banner shows a black and white headshot of a clean-cut man. His hair is graying at the sides and on top. He's wearing a T-shirt, and has a paintbrush coyly tucked behind his left ear.
Art / Illustration: Solomon Enos
Banner with text: "A/V - Narrative, Helen Gould." Banner image shows a close in headshot of a woman smiling directly at the camera. She is wearing a red blouse with a black pattern on it, which coordinates with the red pendant on her necklace, the red frame on her glasses, and her red lipstick. Her face is framed by collarbone-length locs.
A / V – Narrative: Helen Gould
Banner with text: "A/V - Commentary: Shelvi Garg". Banner shows a full body image of a woman in a pink and rose sari. dark hair is pulled over her right shoulder and her heade is tilted in that direction. She's wearing a matching set of bangles, necklace, and earrings.
A/V – Commentary: Shelvi Garg
Banner with text: "Comics: Sloane Hong". Banner shows a black and white illustrated image of a person with flowing black hair, wearing glasses, and clutching their face with their hands.
Comics: Sloane Hong
Banner with text: "Writing, Sarah Gailey." Image is a close-cropped depiction of a person from the mid-chest up. They are looking at the camera with a slight tilt tot he right of the frame which highlights the assymetrical curl of their strawberry blond faux hawk fade. They're rocking a black top and black jacket with leather shoulder and sleeve accents.
Writing: Sarah Gailey
Banner with text: "Translation, Xueting Ni." Banner image shows a woman, body square withe frame of the image, face turned to the left. She has long black hair and bangs and is wearing glasses. She's rocking a collared, pinstripe blouse and leather girdle with two belt hooks.
Translation: Xueting C. Ni

Flights of Foundry is free to attend but it isn’t free to run

Flights of Foundry is hosted by Dream Foundry, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to supporting creatives as they launch professional careers in the speculative arts. We believe creatives deserve living wages for their work. We embody that with our programming as much as we can. We’re also dedicated to ensuring we’re accessible as possible, and never charge for participation in our events or activities. That means we need your help to keep doing what we do!