Flights of Foundry, April 8-10, Anywhere in the World


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Q: What will I need to attend the convention?

A: If you’re just attending the convention, you can get by with just a web browser! Sessions will be in WebEx, and social activity, tech support, and the dealer’s rooms will be on the Discord. If you’re speaking at the convention, we recommend downloading and installing WebEx and Discord for best performance, but both are accessible through a web browser.

Q: How long are sessions?

A: Sessions end ten minutes before the end of their final scheduled hour. That means that most sessions, like panels, which are only scheduled with one hour block, are fifty minutes long, and end at XX:50.

Q: What do I do if I’m having technical difficulties?

A: We’ll have support to help you with technical difficulties available on our Discord. The Dream Foundry Discord server is available year round, and you can join it now! There will be channels there for you to ask questions. You can also type @support in a message and that will alert the Support team to come help you out.

Q: Is there a way for me to test the convention platform ahead of time to make sure everything works?

A: There is! We’ve scheduled six tech check sessions you can attend to test things out. These are office hours style, so feel free to drop in at any point during the hour, and leave once you’ve tested everything you need. You can see the schedule of sessions and the links for attending them on the calendar page.

Q: How do I interact with panels or presentations? Can I ask questions or share comments?

A: This year panels and presentations will be in a webinar-style session. You’ll be “in the room” with the speakers, but you won’t be able to turn on your camera or microphone. There is text chat functionality built into the platform you can use to communicate with the panelists. If you want to have a discussion amongst audience members, use the Discord channel for the venue you’re in.

Q: “Where” will the convention be happening?

A: There will be two main platforms for the convention: Webex, and the Dream Foundry Discord. Panels and presentations will happen in webinar-style sessions. Interactive sessions like workshops and readings will happen in breakout rooms inside larger Webex meetings. Dealer’s rooms and discussion rooms will be on the Discord. The Discord is available year round as part of Dream Foundry’s ongoing programming and you can join at any time. It’ll be converted to convention-mode on April 1. If you’d like to test out Webex and make sure you can get it working smoothly, drop into one of our tech check sessions.

Q: Does the convention have a Code of Conduct or harassment policy?

A: Yes! Flights of Foundry is hosted by Dream Foundry, and is subject to Dream Foundry’s Code of Conduct.

Q: What do I do if I have an interpersonal problem during the convention?

A: Flights of Foundry has a Safety team on hand to help with interpersonal issues, attendee support, and deal with any violations of our Code of Conduct. This not a judicial or policing group and their focus is on creating a space where everyone can safely participate in the convention. We understand that with a global audience, miscommunications and misunderstandings happen. Our approach is to first take care of the needs of distressed parties, and then attempt potential resolution with an education-first approach. That said, malice and willful ignorance will not be tolerated and we will remove people from programming, or the convention entirely, if that is deemed necessary.

Q: Will the session I’m in be recorded? Will the audience be able to interact directly with the host?

A: We have a whole document detailing Flights of Foundry’s different session types, whether they’ll be recorded, and what kind of interactivity to expect in each. You can find it right here.

Q: I want to participate but don’t have a webcam, microphone, or other piece of equipment that would help me do that. What are my options?

A: We have an equipment fund with money flagged specifically for addressing this need. Contact us at chair@flights-of-foundry to discuss your need and how we can help you fill it.


BarCon: See “HallCon”

Chill-n-Chat: Also known as a kaffeeklatsch, these are informal sessions where 5-6 people have an unstructured conversation with a host. Often the host is a subject matter expert or person of note.

ConCom: Short for “Convention Committee,” this term refers to the chairs, staff, and team members who work to plan, organize, and stage a convention.

Consuite: At in-person conventions, the consuite is usually a room with food and beverage available to con attendees free of charge. The food ranges from light snacks to full meals, the beverages from coffee, tea, and soft drinks to a full bar. Quality of the provisions often varies from convention to convention as well, with some of the traveling conventions judged against the consuites of yore. At Flights of Foundry, the consuite is located in the Discord channel of that name.

HallCon: A term referring to the discussion, mingling, networking, and other spontaneous activities that occur in the interstitial spaces connecting official programming spaces. At meatspace conventions, (i.e. in person ones) it’s common for people to continue discussion provoked by a panel in the hallway outside the room. Also common is seeing somebody you know, or would like to know, and stopping for conversation in the hallway. There are people who claim the best part of convention attendance is the HallCon or LobbyCon (same as HallCon, except referencing the lobby as the gathering space) and that they avoid the official programming entirely. Often people will go to a convention’s BarCon (same as HallCon, except at the bar of the convention hotel) without registering for the convention.

Limited seating session: This is what Flights of Foundry calls Workshops, Pitch sessions, kaffeeklatsches, and any other event where there is a cap on how many people can participate. To get a seat in one of these sessions, you’ll need to enter the lottery for them, which will require you to register before the lottery deadline.

LobbyCon: See “HallCon”