Flights of Foundry, April 8-10, Anywhere in the World


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BarCon: See “HallCon”

Chill-n-Chat: Also known as a kaffeeklatsch, these are informal sessions where 5-6 people have an unstructured conversation with a host. Often the host is a subject matter expert or person of note.

ConCom: Short for “Convention Committee,” this term refers to the chairs, staff, and team members who work to plan, organize, and stage a convention.

Consuite: At in-person conventions, the consuite is usually a room with food and beverage available to con attendees free of charge. The food ranges from light snacks to full meals, the beverages from coffee, tea, and soft drinks to a full bar. Quality of the provisions often varies from convention to convention as well, with some of the traveling conventions judged against the consuites of yore. At Flights of Foundry, the consuite is located in the Discord channel of that name.

HallCon: A term referring to the discussion, mingling, networking, and other spontaneous activities that occur in the interstitial spaces connecting official programming spaces. At meatspace conventions, (i.e. in person ones) it’s common for people to continue discussion provoked by a panel in the hallway outside the room. Also common is seeing somebody you know, or would like to know, and stopping for conversation in the hallway. There are people who claim the best part of convention attendance is the HallCon or LobbyCon (same as HallCon, except referencing the lobby as the gathering space) and that they avoid the official programming entirely. Often people will go to a convention’s BarCon (same as HallCon, except at the bar of the convention hotel) without registering for the convention.

Limited seating session: This is what Flights of Foundry calls Workshops, Pitch sessions, kaffeeklatsches, and any other event where there is a cap on how many people can participate. To get a seat in one of these sessions, you’ll need to enter the lottery for them, which will require you to register before the lottery deadline.

LobbyCon: See “HallCon”