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A cockatoo gryphon stanidng on its rear legs, wings spread, and beak open. Its crest makes it look like the most adorable rock star. Its front paws are out and have tiny little toe beans on display.

The first Flights of Foundry was in April of 2020, after seven chaotic weeks of planning and amazing work by over 26 volunteers. It ran over three days, with around-the-clock programming and participants from around the globe. It went so well, Dream Foundry decided to do it again. The rest is history!

As one of the biggest virtual, multi-disciplinary conventions around, Flights of Foundry is a unique opportunity to connect with colleagues, mingle with peers, and hear from others working in the industry. You’ll meet people you’d never find on the regular conference circuit because they don’t have to travel. And you’ll hear conversations that go deeper than at other conferences, too, because we can build on our archive of previous content.

Flights of Foundry will always be virtual, global, and free of mandatory registration fees.

New for 2023

This year will be our fourth Flights of Foundry, and we’re getting better than ever. Here are some new, exciting things you can look forward to for this year:

  • Pure subject matter panels that apply to all craft disciplines, like “Neat Math Fodder for Speculative Ideas,” or, “What’s New in Cognitive Science.”
  • More interactive workshops and programming
  • More panels featuring celebrations of work and media that we love, with discussions about what they do well and why
  • More dialogues between experts going deep on a shared interest or subject of expertise

If you haven’t already, register now to make sure you don’t miss a moment!