Flights of Foundry, April 8-10, Anywhere in the World

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We’ve selected these videos from our archives to highlight as you get ready for this year’s convention. You don’t have to wait for April to get your fix of Flights of Foundry!

And We’re Live… Secrets to Successful Streaming

Camera shy? Curious? Hit record a few times, but feel like you’re talking to yourself? Join this session to learn how to improve your streaming channel, what kind of tech to use, how to find new streamers to watch/connect with, and how to interact with the audience you build in an authentic but manageable way.

The Business of Translation

A discussion of the business aspect of translation — how it is handled differently from original fiction, what translators and editors/publishers looking to print translations should know.

Creating (Or Not) In Hard Times

You suddenly have free time due to the Pandemic! You sit down, planning to write that sci-fi novel, sketch out that cloaked figure in a mask or even design the next Red Flags card game. But maybe you can’t focus or your creation is flowing and you’re wondering what the next steps are. Join this panel to discuss Creating (or Not) in Hard times.

Drawing on Non-Western Traditions in Comics and Illustration

In a world where Western comics and art are advertised so much more to us than any other media, we forget about cultures from other shores rich with their own unique history and mythos that informs their storytelling and artistic sensibilities. In this session, we’ll be discussing precisely that— non-Western creators, story structures, aesthetic styles and techniques, and how that enhances the work that can only uniquely come from these shores.

Join us as we learn more about Drawing on non-Western Traditions in Comics and Illustration.

Fandom for All: Creating Inclusive Spaces

Fandom as a concept takes many forms, and is more important and in the mainstream eye than ever before, with social media making contact between fans and creators easier than it’s ever been. But this brings its own set of challenges. In this panel we’ll look at ways of creating inclusive spaces for people to enjoy, as well as discussing the problems that can emerge and ways of dealing with them.

Freelance Illustration for Games and TTRPGs

Many companies and games teams contract with freelance illustrators to provide art. But if you’re starting out as a freelance illustrator, how do you find those opportunities? How do you build a good games-oriented portfolio? What are the pitfalls to being a freelance illustrator, and how do you network effectively and find healthy communities to be part of?

Killer Interview Strategies: Finding Facts for Your Fiction

Learn how to engage experts of all types without wasting your time or theirs. TJ Berry will walk you through planning your research all the way to publication and beyond. You’ll come away from this talk with solid strategies for research preparation and getting the answers you need while keeping an interview flowing.

Plot & Revision

You’ve gotten your work through a beginning, a middle, and an end (maybe), and now you’re ready to tackle a revision. How can you wrap your head around the mammoth task of fixing plot holes and worse? How can structure inform and reinforce your plot choices? What other tools can you use to rethink and re-envision your biggest moments?

Ways to Decolonize Your Fiction Writing

A colonial mindset permeates everything we do and say, whether we recognize it or not, like it or not. The work of decolonizing is difficult but worthwhile, and for fiction, it is rooted in being open to craft concepts that may be contrary, even antithetical, to what you were taught in school and in writing books. Topics that will be covered in this presentation include writing from a place of societal trauma, radical acceptance in characters, active vs. inactive protagonists, harmful cultural values and attitudes, non-western narrative structures, therapy-taught mental health lessons that can manifest in fiction, etc.