Flights of Foundry, April 8-10, Anywhere in the World

A consuite at a virtual con? You’d better believe it! And since the con is running 24-hours, the consuite is open and serving around the clock, too.

This year, we’re developing the menu a little differently. Spots on the menu are being offered as thank you gifts in exchange for donations to the Dream Foundry of $50 or more. If you have a meal you’d like to share with the convention, click on the link associated with it below, then fill out the form with the details of the meal you want to share. Closer to the convention, we’ll publish the menu and everyone can choose which meals they want to share in and plan accordingly.

If Flights of Foundry raises $10,000 for Dream Foundry, our president, Jessica Eanes (aka Anaea Lay) will live stream cooking the entire menu, one meal at a time. If we raise $20,000, she’ll do it wearing a bat onesie.

There are a few limitations for the lives stream: No peanuts (household allergy), durian (neighbors in close quarters), or spinach (strong dislike) will be used. Jessica will try to acquire any other ingredients needed to cook the meal, but if it’s not available to her, she’ll use a close substitute. She lives in Chicago, though, so she has access to a lot.

Times in the calendar below display in your time zone.