Flights of Foundry, April 8-10, Anywhere in the World

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Fantastic Jaya

At this Etsy store, I sell some of my watercolors and offer them to the world. In addition, I do commissions.

The World of Terratoff

Art & stories by artist Heather R. Hitchman of the paranormal fairy-tale realm of “Terratoff”!


Art Commissions, prints, jewellery, and ttrpg content from a trans artist based in Ireland!

Art by Dianita

I’m a Mexican artist with a deep love for Fantasy. Traditional paintings, drawings and prints.

I’ll be offering a 10% off for FoF attendees, with code FLIGHTS2022

Saiyre Illustration and Design

Saiyre’s artwork explores fantastical landscapes, surreal concepts, and interprets various myths through her imagination and perspective. Not only was she inspired by ancient mythologies, but she was also deeply influenced by Disney classics, deep sea mysteries, and the mundane natural world. Her work seeks to inspire and elevate viewers, both artists and fans alike, to new possibilities and visions.


Dark Fantasy Illustrator and the Creator of the ShadowMyths Decks. The decks are used for Oracle/Tarot reading, DnD Campaign ideas/props, and as writing prompts. Rather than just an image, each painting has a story.

Raven Warner

Illustrator & cartoonist, selling risograph prints and zines. They are also taking personal commissions from Flights of Foundry attendees.

Queer artwork, zines, and autographed books from artist and author Rue Sparks.

Use code “WELCOMEFOUNDRY22” for 15% off all purchases!

Zara Alfonso

Freelance artist with a passion for fantasy and sci-fi, who works on video games & Magic: The Gathering.

Aquabun LLC

The whimsical original artistic creations of artist Liana Stadelmann.

Liana specializes in hybrid fantasy animal designs and her main medium is watercolor, though she loves to experiment with various traditional media. All of her life Liana has had a huge love of fantasy – mythical creatures especially – and this is where she draws much of her inspiration. Her hope is that people feel a moment of joy and magic in what can be a scary and chaotic world when they view her art.

Melancholic Zombie

Artist, author (J. S. Saari), musician (Juho & the Jellyfish from Jupiter) and indie game developer (Cookie, Lunch With the Groteskians).

Art · Books · Crafts · Misc


Queen of Swords Press

Queer woman-owned, wind-powered, science fiction, fantasy and horror small press based in Minneapolis, MN.

We specialize in diverse and swashbuckling tales of derring-do, bold new adventures in time and space, mysterious stories of the occult and arcane and fantastical tales of people and lands far and near. Our books center queer characters and stories, international and regional authors, fiction from out of this world and more!

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Luna Press Publishing

Award Winning Press. UK publishers of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Dark Fantasy in Fiction and Academia. Member of Publishing Scotland.

World Weaver Press

Independently owned and operated publisher of fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction currently based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

New indie speculative publishing house. Our flight plan includes focusing on the most rare and beautiful of books and ideas. We want to feature innovative works from the best up and coming writers in SFF.

Stelliform Press

Small Canadian publisher focused on speculative climate fiction. Our works have been nominated for the Crawford Award and landed on the Otherwise Honor List.

PM Press

Independent, radical publisher of books and media to educate, entertain, and inspire.

Christiane Knight & Three Ravens Press

Three Ravens Press is the imprint of contemporary fantasy author Christiane Knight, creator of the Stories of the Eleriannan. The series includes In Sleep You Know and Cast a Shadow of Doubt. We also offer jewelry, chapbooks, and other related merch.

For Flights of Foundry, we are offering attendees a 20% discount on items from our shop using code FOF2022

Speculative fiction publisher of books such as Warehouse Dreams, Animal Court and Released.

Independent comics publisher in Portland, OR. Our mission is the creative and economic empowerment of queer creators, BIPOC creators, and creators at the intersections.

Power & Magic Press will be offering a buy-2-get-1-free special on all physical and digital books. Attendees can enter the offer code FOUNDRY22 at checkout!

Air and Nothingness Press

Independent, limited edition press specializing in science fiction and fantasy anthologies, short stories collections, and poetry in translation. Celebrating our 25th anniversary.

10% off all FoF orders (will be refunded through PayPal)

Water Dragon Publishing

Publishing tales of fantasy and wonder. We are an imprint of Paper Angel Press, a small publisher located in Northern California, specializing in fantasy and science fiction titles.

The Human Library

Volunteer community of Bulgarian writers, translators and avid readers whose mission is to promote fiction that examines what it means to be human–and how to expand the definition.

Download a free sample of ФантАstika: Almanac of Bulgarian Speculative Fiction

Twelfth Planet Press

Female owned and focused publishing company, publishing fresh, original, well-written work that seeks to interrogate, commentate, inspire or provoke thought;

Award-nominated author of dark fiction.

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The Dragon’s Lair / Plushie Zoo

We have what is probably the largest collection of stuffed animals this side of Betelgeuse with our menagerie ranging from Aardvark to Zebra. We also have a fantastic collection of Squishables and your favorite diseases (and vaccines) from Giant Microbes.

Nightengale Needles LLC

Small business with a big heart, we have a special focus creating LGBTQ+ themed plush and apparel accessories, and custom plush toys.

Curious Dragon Creations provides you with unique gifts from anime character amigurumi art dolls to unique jewelry creations using precious stones! Check my Facebook and Instagram pages for my commissioned work. Custom requests welcome!

At Hats & Spats we combine our love of crafting with our love of Steampunk, creating whimsical, wearable tokens from our favorite niche of UN-history.

Hats and Spats would like to offer Flights of Foundry attendees a 10% discount off any purchase in our Etsy shop. Shoppers can use the promo code FOF2022 to get 10% off their entire order for the duration of the convention.

Elise’s Pieces

Handmade plush for fans of all ages!

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Also a free random mask with every purchase

Stardust Strings

Geeky and cute crochet figures with inspiration ranging from plants and animals to games and pop culture. We also offer a Pride line of products where a portion of each sale is donated to The Trevor Project.

Use code FOF for free shipping on all orders over $10

Geek Orthodox creates original stained glass windows that combine traditional methods and motifs with modern pop culture iconography. They have also developed a method of producing artists prints as vinyl clings that emulate the look of traditional stained glass without the cost or fragility.

Artist Ian Leino also works as an illustrator and created the cover illustrations for Josiah Bancroft’s “Books of Babel” series through Orbit/Hachette.

I provide nerdy and writerly mugs, jewelry, coasters, and dragonscale gauntlets for all your fandom hearts!

ColorCrafts by Jo

Embroidered ornaments, purses, dice bags, towels, and more! Fairies, mermaids, bats, steampunk bunnies, dragons, planets, unicorns and all kinds of fun nerdy stuff. Come by the #craft-market channel during the event for demos, sales, and new items!

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Until April 15, I am also offering free shipping for orders over $35, and waiving my custom order fee

Scary White Girl Designs

Eclectic crocheted and cross-stitched items for all ages! Plus selected autographed DefCon One Publishing titles!

10% off when you spend $10 using promo code FOF2022

Featherweight Finery

Featherweight Finery is vibrant, lightweight anodized aluminum jewelry. For the most part. New this year wire wrapping has been added to my repertoire. This pieces are very much one of a kind. I couldn’t repeat them even if I tried.

Here at Gryphon’s Moon, we have scoured the globe to bring you the very best variety of witchy goods. As a metaphysical store with a distinctly Celtic and pagan flavor, we offer everything from crystals and candles and sage, to high-quality pagan and wiccan jewelry. And for the well-dressed witch, we have cloaks, capes, witch hats, and more. At Gryphon’s Moon, we firmly believe that magic should be a part of everyday life, as close and as precious as the beating of your heart.

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Horizon Music, Inc.

Selling CD’s containing ambient electronic instrumental music. The music might make you feel like you’re in outer space.

Tea Punk Teas, LLC

We sell high quality loose leaf tea with a steampunk attitude.

Free shipping within the US when you use code FreeFlights22

Dryad Tea

Hand blended loose leaf teas inspired by music, mythology, literature, general geekery and ttrpg. Started in 2012, Dryad Tea strives to be your one stop tea shop, just add hot water!

I am imagining kinder, more caring, more queer, more playful worlds via fantasy, sci-fi, and the supernatural in games and writing.

Foam Brain Games

Foam Brain Games sells dice and RPG accessories to make your next game night a Critical Hit!

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Clothing designs and other merch to help your flesh husk make it’s daily voyage through the Abys. Nerdy and Gothspirational shirts and other softgoods! Queer Owned Established 2017