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Dealer signup

A virtual convention deserves a virtual dealer’s room. That’s where you come in.

No table fees

After all, no physical tables. We’re just grateful that you’re here. If it’s within your means/capabilities, we do suggest offering attendees some type of perk–a discount, a freebie, etc.

No mandatory participation

If a listing on the dealer’s page is all you’re up for, no problem. But if you do want to join the convention Discord, we’ll have channels where you can talk shop with customers. Be online during the convention as much or as little as you choose.

No sales portal

Convention attendees will do their shopping and make their purchase on your own site.


Sign up here!

Listing info

This info will be used on the convention’s dealer listing page, and anywhere else we give you a shout-out.
This can be your online store, or if you have multiple, a link tree type of page
To convince con attendees to “take a souvenir home”, we encourage dealers to offer some type of perk. For example a discount code, free shipping, or a bonus item with purchase
Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, Max. file size: 256 MB.
This will display at approx. 400 x 400px.
Social media links

Contact info

This info will be used by our team to be in touch with you about the convention.
If you plan to make an appearance on Discord during the convention, we can give your user a Dealer role, and let attendees know you’re reachable.

Additional Options

Upgrade your presence at the convention by becoming a sponsor!

Offer your talents for a panel, reading, art demo, etc.

Spend a weekend meeting creative folks worldwide