Flights of Foundry, April 8-10, Anywhere in the World

Dealer Signup

Want the opportunity to present your goods or services to the 1300+ Flights of Foundry attendees? Sign up to be featured as a dealer using the form below. Enrollment is currently open.

How it works

Offer a perk

There’s no table fee. Instead we suggest offering a perk for convention attendees. Discount codes or free domestic shipping are common. This helps your customers feel like they’re shopping “at” the convention, even though the purchase will take place on your own site.

We do not recommend offering loss leaders or other perks that will come at a cost to you.

Get listed

Dealers will also be listed on the Flights of Foundry website, and attendees will know to find the complete list there. Your listing there can include any or all of these things:

  • Description of your business and the products or services you offer
  • Information about the discount or perk you’re offering convention attendees
  • Link to your point of sale or website
  • Logo

Chat it up

Using Discord isn’t a requirement, but we’d be glad to have you.

Within the convention space on Discord, there will be channels by topic (art, books, jewelry, etc.) for dealers to chat with attendees. Your designated Discord account(s) will be given a dealer role.

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