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Art & illustration

Zyeph Art Shop

A range of different kinds of art from cute animal (lots of reptiles) to adult fantasy comics, come check out the wares! I have enamel pins, dakimakura, tote bags, key charms, stickers, t-shirts, and prints. You can also check out my Patreon for my exclusive dark fantasy web series, Lost Guardians.

Read the first chapter of my web comic for free! 

Kiora Slate

Colorful and whimsical digital illustrations featured on a variety of products, including art prints, buttons, stickers, cards, children’s books, and plushies.

10% off all products ordered directly from my website shop with code FF2023 from 4/10-4/24 

Mack Duncan- AU Comics

CareFree Write Publishing is currently producing the original graphic novel series AU. Can people with extraordinary abilities exist in an ordinary world? Are these powers a burden or a blessing? And what of the clandestine entities known as The Project and SINON? Who are these people living AMONG US?


Kiri is a Chinese-American, Seattle-based artist, writer, and nerd. Their work encompasses a variety of subject matters, but much of it centers on animals, nature, and surrealism, with a touch of the macabre, usually rendered in traditional ink, watercolor, and marker.

Monochrome Star

A collection of original stories and art that focus on themes of life, death, and magic.

Mina Huynh

Hello! My name is Mina and I’m a traditional artist who likes to draw anime/manga-inspired illustrations. I love drawing my original characters and concepts as well as fanart of my favorite characters and franchises. If you see something you like, feel free to chat and connect with me!


Sticker, buttons, keychains, shirts, prints and many more! From Anime to video games we have it all.

Unicoherent Art

Unusual art & commissions. Merchandise now also available through our RedBubble site.

The art of Waceline Cius

Surrealist and futuristic Fine Art prints mostly featuring Black women. Also available, are phone cases, sweatshirts, notebooks, and mugs!

Abranda Icle Art

Spiritual, fantasy, and whimsical works of art featuring images of angels, nature, and fantastical creatures, depicted in both traditional and digital mediums. Originals, archival fine art prints, greeting cards, stickers, notebooks, and bookmarks available for purchase, all handmade and crafted by the artist directly.

Rue Sparks

Award-winning artist, poet & author Rue Sparks creates a wide range of zines, art prints, and books touching on queerness, disability, mental health, grief, and self-confidence. Sparks is best known for their authentic, raw and lyrical creations that combine art and the written word.

LB Lee

Mental health comics, zines, and psy-fi. Sane comics, mad people!

Fantastic Jaya

Whimsical Watercolors, Fabric Crafts, And Commissions Of Traditional Art.

Art by Dianita

Traditional Fantasy artist from Mexico, living in Texas. I love to paint scenes featuring female representing figures and animals, specially horses and big cats. My work has appeared in Mermaids Monthly, a middle grade chapter book “Dune Dragons”, Every Day Original (online gallery) plus contributions to anthologies. I’m currently finishing up illustrating a Tarot deck for Llewellyn Worldwide. In my shop you can find original art, prints and stickers.


Kyoko M.

Want to enjoy a FREE SFF ebook? Get Of Cinder and Bone! After centuries of being the most dangerous predators on the planet, dragons were hunted to extinction. That is, until Dr. Rhett “Jack” Jackson and Dr. Kamala Anjali cracked the code to bring them back. Through their research at MIT, they resurrected the first dragon anyone has seen alive since the 15th century. There’s just one problem: Someone stole it. So they go to Japan to steal it back.

This novel is free to download on ALL platforms! No coupon code necessary! 

Water Dragon Publishing

Publishing tales of fantasy and wonder.
Experience our Dragon Gems short fiction program.

SFF Authors Dan R. Arman and Mary R. Arman

Dan R. Arman is a science fiction/fantasy author and has 8 books for sale, 6 through Hydra Productions. His wife Mary R. Arman is also a prolific author and award-winning ghost writer and has numerous books available for sale. She has also begun a new venture called the Indie Book Club Book Truck, a mobile and online bookstore for indie-published authors like us.

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Christiane Knight & Three Ravens Press

I’m Christiane Knight, the author of In Sleep You Know and Cast a Shadow of Doubt, the first books in the Stories of the Eleriannan series. On the surface these are contemporary fantasy books about Fae and Mortals set in my hometown of Baltimore MD – but deeper topics touch concepts like how stagnant thinking can be seductive, impostor syndrome, found family and community, family trauma, and forgiving those who have done you wrong.
Want to know more? Visit my website!

Misha Handman

Misha Handman is a novelist and tabletop game writer and designer based out of British Columbia, Canada. His first novel, Shadow Stitcher was shortlisted for the Rakuten Kobo Emerging Author’s award and the Endeavor award for Pacific Northwest Science Fiction and Fantasy, and has been joined by a sequel, Pawns and Phantoms. Both novels are hardboiled urban fantasies set in a colonized Neverland in the 1950s, a city of mystery, magic, and danger.

Queen of Swords Press

Queen of Swords is an independent small press based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and specializing in swashbuckling tales of derring-do, bold new adventures in time and space, mysterious stories of the occult and arcane and fantastical tales of people and lands far and near.

Fantastic Books

An independent publisher focusing on speculative fiction… but not exclusively. Our most recent publications include the anthology Conspiracies and Cryptids: Everything is True; Daniel M. Kimmel’s faux-scholarly deep dive of Plan 9 from Outer Space, Deb Stone’s first volume of poetry, New Paths, and a loving look at and expansion of The Eye of Argon.

Meg Eden Books

Books, writing webinars, and individual writing critiques are here!

Use code FLFOUNDRY23 at checkout for 15% off! Til 4/30.


A visual history of science fiction in its entirety. We have so far published 3 volumes in a year by year format:
1926: The Birth of Modern Science Fiction
1927: Dawn of the Science Fiction Blockbuster
1928: Space Opera

Each volume covers all of the books, magazines, films, events and so much more, all in brilliant full-color. The three books so far total nearly 400 pages, almost a quarter million words of detailed reference material and over 600 illustrations.

Download the first volume absolutely free from our website, with no commitments 

Luna Press Publishing

Luna Press Publishing™ is an award-winning independent UK press, founded in 2015 by author Francesca T. Barbini. We deal with Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Dark Fantasy, in both fiction and academia. We are also a proud member of Publishing Scotland.
Discover our amazing international authors and artists!

Carrie Newberry

Author of the Eternal Spring, Invisible Forest series, about a shapeshifter living in modern-day Madison, Wisconsin, and her band of fellow warriors who defend a fountain of youth. The first book, Pick Your Teeth With My Bones came out in 2017, and the second book, Wolf is a Four Letter Word, came out this past September. Chat with the author about her work as a writer, teacher and dog groomer (which has nothing to do with the books, but provides her with some hilarious dog tales)!

Space Cadets Studios

Space Cadets Studios is a Pittsburgh-based multimedia company creating & fostering original sci-fi & fantasy content for print, video, stage or web. We also offer a variety of vintage collectibles via our eBay store!

Chase Will – Author

Hello, and welcome to my table! I have available my coming-of-age novel “Moving Through,” as well as my splatsploitation novella, “Birthday Girl”! I also have t-shirts available to support my show, The Family Fright Night Horror Podcast.

DefCon One Publishing

DefCon One Publishing is the publishing label used by several Seattle-area authors for their superhero works and other speculative fiction, along with anthologies and Mad Scientist Journal (published 2013-2020).

Neon Hemlock

Neon Hemlock is a Washington, DC-based small press publishing speculative fiction, rad zines and queer chapbooks. We punctuate our titles with oracle decks, occult ephemera and literary candles. Publishers Weekly once called us “the apex of queer speculative fiction publishing” and we’re still beaming.

Use code FOF2023 for 23% off until the end of April.

Matthew O. Duncan

Matthew O. Duncan is part of the resurgence of Old School Sci-fi. His books are a mix of Military Sci-fi, Fantasy, Romance, and Mystery weaved together with non-stop action.

Donald Firesmith – Author

Donald Firesmith is a multi-award-winning author of speculative fiction, including science fiction (alien invasion), fantasy (magic wands), horror, and modern urban paranormal novels and anthologies of short stories.


The BirdHive

Nerds of a feather flock together! The BirdHive specializes in gender-neutral, tag-less, comfort clothes so you can “bee” you. Our original designs celebrate queerness, neurodivergence, and even character alignments.
The BirdHive is a non-binary and autistic-owned company that seeks to uplift the authentic self, even if that self is a little different. After years of struggling in a neurotypical, corporate world, The BirdHive set out to pave their own way.

Elise’s Pieces

Handmade plush for the geek in all of us!

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the boring store

I’m an artist, sewist, and crafter who loves all things colorful and nerdy. I specialize in handmade satin bonnets, hair accessories, jewelry, and floral crowns. My interests are varied and I use my shop as a way to explore new and beautiful forms of creation and expression.

Hybrid Night Creations

Hybrid Night Creations builds custom cosplay animal ears and tails to wear! We use Luxury grade gradient fur or high quality long fur, and build our products to last. As a boutique company, we celebrate multicultural interests by creating original and customizable products. Our company is committed to providing hand crafted, quality products and services.

Free mini thank you gift!

WayWords Paper Co.

WayWords Paper Co. sells patches, enamel pins, and stickers inspired by speculative fiction and the owner’s own chaotic queerness.

Featherweight Finery

Elegant enough for a night on the town…

…comfortable enough to wear all day

Featherweight Finery anodized aluminum jewelry is hand crafted in the Silicon Valley of California. Every piece is made by the artist. Aluminum is lightweight; the anodized colors are vibrant and enduring. They never tarnish or change color.

The earrings are suspended from hypo-allergenic niobium ear wires. This and the light weight of the aluminum makes Featherweight Finery easy to wear.

Calamity Badger

Handcrafted items, ranging from furry ears, pet beds, oven mitts and more. Check out our stickers that include plot bunnies, cats, and even a magnet for Pantsers. Look for CalamityBadger or FurrWizzer in the FOF Discord.

Enjoy 10% off with coupon code of FOF10 through the end of April.

Everything else

Dave Kaufman

Ambient electronic music on CD.


Fiction and Video games imagining kinder, more caring, more queer, more playful worlds via fantasy, sci-fi, and the supernatural

Cat Rambo

The Rambo Academy for Wayward Writers offers live and on-demand classes, as well as a lively and supportive Discord community with weekly and monthly events such as Wednesday Writing Games and our short story discussion group.
Upcoming live classes · On-demand classes · Join the community

Tea Punk Teas, LLC

We sell high quality loose leaf teas and accessories with a steampunk attitude.

Gryphon’s Moon

We want to add some magic to your life!

As a metaphysical store with a distinctly Celtic and pagan flavor, we offer truly exceptional sterling silver jewelry, in styles that reflect and celebrate your beliefs. But that’s only the start. Keep looking, and you’ll find crystals and candles, sage and sun catchers, journals and gemstones— everything you can imagine to enchant and delight, and most importantly, to fill your life with everyday magic.

Receive a free enamel pin worth $9 with any purchase of $50 or more. Simply specify your preferred design in the comment section at checkout.