Flights of Foundry, April 8-10, Anywhere in the World


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Flights of Foundry is the major annual fundraiser for Dream Foundry, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to supporting emerging creatives as they begin their careers in the speculative arts. We run contests for illustrators and writers with cash prizes and no rights grabs; publish interviews, how tos, and other useful tools on our website; run a seminar series that covers topics from business planning as a freelancer to how to read contracts; offer a virtual community room for anyone who needs a space for coworking, accountability groups, practice space, etc; and we do it all with no mandatory fees. We put roughly half the money raised by Flights of Foundry back into the convention for the following year. The other half goes toward everything else. Flights of Foundry will always be virtual, global, and free to attend for those who need it.

This year we want to raise $20,000. So far we have raised $12,833 toward that target! That’s 64% of the total!

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