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Attendee questions:

How do I register?

You can register on our registration page. You only need your name and email address to complete the registration. Do make sure to use a real email address since that’s how we’ll send you the details for how to access the convention.

How do I donate?

If you would like to make a donation, you have two options. You can purchase a “donation” ticket on the registration page, or donate through Paypal. You can also support the Dream Foundry by designating us as your charitable organization on Amazon Smile, or supporting us on Patreon.

What time zone is being used for convention dates?

Flights of Foundry is operating with Chicago time, GMT -5, as our organizing touchstone.  That said, we’re aiming to have activities running for 24 hours beginning at midnight, May 16 through the whole weekend. Main programming activities will likely be between 9am and 10pm CDT on both days. Our schedule platform, Sched, should have links to display session times in your local timezone. You can check out the schedule here.

If you don’t see your timezone listed, email — chances are good that we can add it. We want everyone to be able to access the schedule easily in their local time!

Note: The timezone links are only available through a browser (either on a computer or mobile device). The Sched mobile app uses the default timezone for the con, which is GMT-5.

As an attendee, how can I make my Sched profile private?

Click on your sched profile, then settings. There will be a toggle for “Make my profile & schedule public.” Make sure it is in the off position.

Do I need a webcam to attend?

You do not. If you’re participating in programming you’ll need a webcam. Otherwise, all you need is a way to watch the streams.  We’d love to have you interact by microphone or keyboard if those are options, though! And we strongly recommend joining the Dream Foundry’s discord server for the full convention experience.

What tech/software do I need to attend?

Here’s the breakdown on how things will work:

Main programming events like panels and Guest of Honor speeches will happen in one of three GoToWebinar streams. These will be relatively one-way in their nature, with audience interaction limited to designated Q & A times. There are desktop apps for GoToWebinar, but there is also browser support. (Linux users may want to do some testing ahead of time or prepare for challenges, though none of the issues we’ve identified there should affect audience members.) The events hosted on these streams will be recorded and shared after the convention, unless the participants let us know otherwise ahead of time.

Author readings and our limited supplemental events like seminars, workshops, and kaffeeklatsches will happen via Zoom. We do recommend installing the desktop program for these. Zoom has browser capabilities, but we find them to be a bit spotty on performance. (Linux users, the Debian/Ubuntu version of the desktop program is verified by us as working great. We super don’t recommend trying the browser version, especially not in Firefox.) These sessions will not be recorded.

Social and networking spaces will happen in designated channels on Dream Foundry’s Discord server. You will need to create an account on Discord and join the server in order to participate, but both are easy and we’ll have people on standby to help if you run into trouble. The best part of this is that if you have a good time during the convention, you can stick around after and stay involved with the Dream Foundry community and our other activities.

Are the sessions unlimited seating? Should I get there early?

Flights of Foundry has two types of programming: main programming and supplemental (interactive) events.

Main programming is unlimited seating and you do not need to get there early. You can arrive whenever you like and leave whenever you like.

Main programming is:

  • Any session on the Aramis, Athos, or Porthos GoToWebinar streams
  • Any reading, which are on the Milady, Richeliu, and Constance Zoom streams and are clearly marked as “readings.”

Anything that is not main programming has a note by the stream information saying it is limited seating and by lottery only. These supplemental events are not first-come first-serve, but are being done by lottery in advance of the convention.

Why are there events in the middle of the night? Is that right?

Yes! We have attendees from all around the world, and your 3AM is the middle of the day for someone else. Since this is a virtual, global con, we have almost 48 straight hours of programming.

If you’re a speaker who was mistakenly put on a session that’s in the middle of the night for your timezone, that was in error and please email to get taken off.

General Event questions

I don’t understand this stuff about “main programming” versus “supplemental events.”

Main programming is unlimited seating and you can enter or leave the streams at any time! You do need to register for the streams ahead of time — the links to do so are on this page. (Your EventBrite registration gives you access to the page.)

Main programming is:

  • Any session on the Aramis, Athos, or Porthos GoToWebinar streams
  • Any reading, which are on the Milady, Richeliu, and Constance Zoom streams and are clearly marked as “readings.”

The supplemental events are space-limited because they include interactivity, and participation is being decided by lottery. Participants who win the lottery will receive information through email for accessing the stream.

Supplemental events are things like crit sessions, seminars, and kaffeeklatsches. All supplemental events are categorized as either workshop or kaffeeklatsch. You can additionally tell something is a supplemental event because it has a note by the stream location that says, “Participation in this session is limited. If you enter the supplemental event registration lottery and win a seat in this session, check your email for the link to join. Note: It may be in your spam.”

How do I register for supplemental events?

Purchase a “supplemental events” add-on through Eventbrite! You can add this on to your existing registration until 11:59 pm CDT Monday May 11th, at which time sign-ups will be closed.

All holders of a Supplemental Events Registration will receive a form to enter the lottery. The form will go out at midnight on Monday night (CDT) and you will have Tuesday and Wednesday to fill it out. Filling out this form is the only way to enter the lottery.

The form will close at 11:59PM CDT on Wednesday May 13th, after which we will run the lottery.

I’m entering the lottery! How do the supplemental events work after that?

On Thursday, May 14, you will receive an email either telling you that you didn’t get a seat in any sessions or telling you which sessions you have a seat in and listing instructions for their Zoom streams.

Please whitelist the domain to ensure you get this email! We’ve had difficulties with our emails going to people’s spam.

Your session leader will also be receiving an email Thursday with all of the participants in their session. If they need to get in touch with you ahead of time, they will. Otherwise, just show up according to the Zoom instructions at the date and time of the session.

These interactive sessions will run with a waiting room prior to each event, so don’t worry about getting there a little early. Please try not to be late, though!

I don’t see the streams on the event page.

There are a few things to check here – browser plugins and security settings might be interfering. You can try disabling plugins, but it’s probably easiest to try to access the page using a different browser. If you’re still not getting the right page, make sure that you’re logged into Eventbrite using the email address you used to get your tickets for the convention. Still having issues? Drop an email to and we’ll try to help you. We may need to refer you to EventBrite technical help, but we’ll do what we can to get you into the convention.

What does it mean to register for the streams?

You need to register for the GoToWebinar streams — the ones named Aramis, Athos, and Porthos — before attending any programming happening there. These streams are where all main programming will be except for the readings.

Registration should only take a few seconds, and we recommend you do it before the con. Click on each stream link on our event page (remember, you must be logged into EventBrite to access it), and it should automatically tell you to register. You will receive emails from our sponsors, WildWestHackin’Fest, ActiveCountermeasures, and John Strand (all from the email address confirming that you’ve registered for each stream. The emails will include links to click to join the streams when they’re up and running during the convention.

Is registering for the convention the same as registering for the streams? 

We know that it’s a little confusing with all these different “registrations” you’re juggling. We apologize for the overlapping terminology!

Registering for the convention means that you’ve gone to the Flights of Foundry Website or our EventBrite page and signed up for the convention.

Once you’ve registered for the convention, you’ll want to click through to our events link page and register for each of the three GoToWebinar streams. Once the convention starts, you’ll be able to visit that page and just click on the links and go straight to the programming streams.

I’m getting an error when I try to access the event page or Sched.

We recommend trying a different browser first, as that’s probably faster than us trying to figure out what’s wrong. If that doesn’t work, email the information on the error (your browser/OS, what link you went through, a screenshot of the error if possible) to

We will do our absolute best to help you get in, but as this is third-party software we may have to kick it up to customer service and see if they can help you. If you give us permission to share your email and information with the customer service department of whatever platform you’re having trouble accessing, that will speed things along.

Presenter/Panelist questions:

Can I get detailed instructions on how I should go to my panel and how it’s all going to work?

All speakers will be receiving an email from us with detailed instructions and information by Tuesday, May 12. If you don’t receive this email or you read it but you have more questions, contact us at

Common questions are also listed below.

Are sessions being recorded?

Yes, we have plans to record and eventually post all the main programming sessions — the ones on the Aramis, Athos, and Porthos streams — unless the presenters opt out. This includes most panels and presentations. See below for what the plans for the recordings are and how to opt out.

Readings and the supplemental interactive events will not be recorded.

Where and when will these recordings be shared:

We’ll be sharing videos of recorded convention panels via youtube. We don’t have detailed plans for this part yet, and we’re open to feedback and input, but we do want to make an archive of the information shared at the con available to people who couldn’t attend.

Also, our efforts to get live captioning, while still in progress, are not looking promising, so the post-transcripts are going to be the only way to close that particular accessibility gap.

As a panelist can I opt out of any plans to have recordings of my sessions shared? 

Yes, you can. Send an email to with the subject line: Do Not Post [program name]. Please mention in the body of the email that you are on the panel and do not want the content posted.

How do I change my display name and profile picture on the schedule?

Sched is our scheduling platform. If you don’t have a sched account yet, you will want to sign up for one with the same email address that you used for convention registration. Then you’ll be able to view the sessions you’re presenting or moderating, and click through to your profile to change your display name and profile picture. Here’s the link for the convention schedule page:

How will I access the streams for my panels? Is it the same as just registering as an attendee?

We have a dedicated GoToWebinar Green Room stream named D’Artagnan just for panelists and presenters. You’ll receive a link to register for this stream from us before the convention, along with a detailed list of instructions for the event.

Ten to fifteen minutes before your scheduled session, use the D’Artagnan link to come to the Green Room. There, facilitators will do a quick tech check with you, and give you a special presenter link for you to use to access the main streams as a presenter. When your session is over, you’ll be dismissed from the main programming stream. If you want to attend a session in that stream later, do not use your presenter link — use the links listed on the Eventbrite links page.

I’m on programming that is not a good fit for me or is at an unworkable time for me. Who do I contact to fix that? is your go-to for all such issues.

Workshop / Interactive Session Leader questions:

I’m a session leader for a workshop, crit session, or other supplemental event. When will I know who’s in it? How is it going to work? Help!

Hello intrepid supplemental event session leader!

You will be receiving an email from us with detailed instructions and information by Wednesday, May 13. If you don’t receive this email or you read it but you have more questions, contact us at

Common questions are also listed below. Please also email us if you need answers before Wednesday to anything not listed in order to prepare for your session.

What are the expectations for my workshop/seminar? Do I have to run it in a particular way?

Nope, you can run it however you like. The one limitation is that you won’t have a lot of time in advance to do something like having your participants crit a lot of work for each other ahead of time (see below for the timelines). But within these limitations we want you to run your session in whatever way is most comfortable for you.

When will I know who’s in my session? Can I communicate with them in advance?

You’ll be hearing from Thursday, May 14 about who won seats in the lottery for your session. At that time you’ll get the email addresses for those attendees so you can send any handouts or otherwise communicate with them ahead of time, and the link to the stream you’ll be hosting your session in.

Please make sure to whitelist emails from domain as we’ve had difficulties with our emails going to spam.

How will I attend my session when it’s time to host it?

All of these sessions will be via Zoom, and you will receive a link to your Zoom stream. The stream will have a facilitator there to admit attendees on the list from a waiting room and help you get things set up just so for your session. If you need screen sharing capability, the facilitator will get that working for you.

If you have more detailed questions, please send them to

Are workshops, crit sessions, kaffeeklatsches, or any other special sessions being recorded?

No, they are not.

But what about….?

Do you have a question not covered by this FAQ? Please email us at