Flights of Foundry

Introducing Flights of Foundry

The world has gotten weird. Hard. Frightening. Isolating. Everything is topsy turvey and many of us don’t know what to expect from tomorrow. Dream Foundry’s plans for the year are no exception.

Plans, though, are a kind of prophecy, and as we all know, prophecy remains true even when it plays out very differently from what we expected. Oracles like their riddles.  Who are we, if not the heroes who answer them in kind with clever retorts, courage, and inspiration?

We are proud and excited to announce Flights of Foundry, a virtual convention happening May 16-17.

It’s for you, speculative creators. The writers, the artists, the game makers and podcasters. The dreamers, thinkers, and doers.  We’re going to do all the con things, with guests of honor (Ken Liu! Grace Fong! More who are still secret…), panels, readings, workshops, and spaces in between where you can sit down and connect with another human over a shared passion or a cool comment. Though we’re apart, we can come together. 

May the anticipation of attending give you something to hope for. May sharing your ideas give you a way to imagine the future. May the tasks you take on to help give you a way to work through the situation. If any of that appeals, Flights of Foundry wants to hear from you. And we hope to see you in May!