Flights of Foundry, April 8-10, Anywhere in the World


This is a preliminary release of the Flights of Foundry Schedule for 2022. It only has the Limited Seating Sessions. To attend a limited session, you must participate in the lottery. This year’s lottery will be run on March 18, and notifications will go out on or before March 20.

Keep an eye out, the rest of the schedule is coming soon!

A Note About Time: Flights of Foundry is a round the clock, international convention. Time zones are hard to deal with. This year, to reduce confusion, we’ve gotten rid of time entirely. Every hour of the convention is numbered, and the schedule lists times according to the corresponding number. All events are happening in the same hour for everyone, everywhere. Hour 1 begins at noon on April 8, Central Time (GMT -6). To see the convention hours in your local time, click on the hour in the schedule below and the link will take you to a chart that will show your local time. You can also expand each row and see the starting and end time displayed in Central Time.