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Want to help out during the event? We’d love to have you! Fill out the form below to let us know what you’d like to do, and when you’d be available.

This is the name that’ll appear on schedules shared with the whole volunteer crew. Put the name you want displayed for those purposes here. It will display as “{First Name} {Last Name}.”
This is how you want to be addressed, or casually referred to in conversation. If you have a nickname, a diminutive form of your name. Usually this wouldn’t be your full name.
What, if any, pronouns should people use for you? Feel free to enter “none” or “ask” if those are correct. You may also leave this blank.
This is where we’ll contact you with information about volunteering.
Most of the volunteer communication and tasks are coordinated on the Dream Foundry Discord during the convention. If you aren’t already on Discord, you will need to join before you can be a volunteer for the event.
We don’t want to overschedule you. The number you put here will be a hard limit: you won’t show as available to schedule in our database once you’ve hit this number of hours.
Please enter a number from 1 to 60.


We have four main roles to fill during the convention. There’s some overlap between them, and you might be scheduled to fill multiple roles at the same time. We will avoid putting you in positions you aren’t comfortable with or don’t feel prepared for.

Support: This is the general support role. You’ll help get panels started, answer basic questions, and assist with basic troubleshooting.

Facilitator: This is the advanced support and stage manager role. You’ll be on hand to help resolve technical issues the support staff couldn’t handle. You’ll also be in charge of making sure everyone scheduled is around and able to do their job.

Safety Team: These are the people who help keep the convention a safe, comfortable environment for everyone. Attendees can bring issues or conflicts to you, and you’ll work with the rest of the safety team to resolve them. The safety team is not a policing force, though we do sometimes make decisions about whether or how certain people are permitted to participate in the convention.

Ambassador: The ambassadors are charged with being around and helpful. If somebody is lost or confused, they can point them in the right direction or connect them with the support team.
Volunteer Role(Required)
Which volunteer roles are you interested in fulfilling? We may schedule you to fill multiple roles at the same time.
Please be careful to select the correct timezone. Pay special attention to whether you are “+” or “-” UTC. For reference, North and South America are “-” UTC time zones. Oceania and East Asia are “+” UTC time zones.
Availability April 14
Availability April 15
Availability April 16
Availability April 17
We really, really want to send our volunteers thank you cards after the convention. Please give us the info we need to do that!