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Scavenger Hunt

Three days. 309 hours of programming. One list.

Your mission, if you choose to play, is to find as many of our scavenger hunt items as you can. They’re hiding in the readings, waiting to be spotted or heard. Can you find them all? Probably not. You need to sleep. That’s why you need a team!

Here’s how it works:

Some number of the people giving readings at Flights of Foundry this year have submitted an item to the scavenger hunt. That item will either be visible while they read, part of their story, or part of their introduction. You, and up to three teammates (maximum team size = 4) attend as many readings as you can, hunting for items. At the end of the convention, you’ll submit your guesses about which items belonged to which readings. (Scroll allllll the way down for the submission form.) Each item is worth 1 point. If this is the reader’s first reading, their item gets a bonus point. If they’ve debuted in the last year, their item gets a bonus point (maximum item points value = 3). The team with the highest score wins a special super secret prize!

Things to note:

  • You can only be a member of one team. Choose your teammates wisely! You’ll probably want people who don’t overlap with your sleep/wake schedule.
  • You can ask a reader if they’re participating in the scavenger hunt. You can also ask them to confirm whether you’ve correctly identified the item. Do not ask them to explicitly tell you what their item is.
  • Don’t be a jerk. This is a game, and meant to add an extra layer of fun to hanging out at the convention. It’s rude to show up to reading only long enough to get the item, then bail. If you don’t have time to hang out for a reading, coordinate with a team member who can.
  • Need to find teammates? You aren’t the only one. Use the #consuite or #convention-hall channels on the Discord to find people who’d be a good fit for your team.
  • Pro tip: We have the convention hours grouped into three shifts named Everything (blue), Everywhere (green), and All at Once (orange). We’ve color coded the items by which shift they appear during. The hours on the “Time” tab of the program page are also color-coded by the shift they happen during. Use this knowledge to assign tasks to your team!

The List

You must be a registered attendee to participate in the Scavenger Hunt. Once you’ve registered and created your account, you can login to see the form.